“Oh my God, yes.”

That was Sara’s first thought after her labiaplasty with Dr. Patel at New Reflections Plastic Surgery. She had been thinking about the procedure since she was 13 years old and didn’t want to waste another second feeling miserable, so she scheduled her procedure and underwent surgery at the age of 19.

A Quick Recovery

Sara could hardly believe that her suffering was over. For years, she struggled with the constant pain and embarrassment caused by her labia, and she noticed it more the older she got. Working, shopping and being intimate had become a hassle, and she was tired of feeling like she was missing out in life. She was ready for a change.

“I almost started crying,” she says, thinking back on those first days after her surgery. “I was so happy. Cause you know, I’ve dealt with this forever, so… I was thrilled.”

Not even the prospect of recovery could dampen her spirits, though she did feel a little apprehensive. This was her first surgery, and because it was performed in such a sensitive area, she didn’t know quite what to expect. “Dr. Patel did tell me it was going to be quick,” she recalls, “but it’s a surgery, so I was skeptical about that.”

The healing process is different for everyone, but for Sara, the first few days were a little rough. She took some time off from work and school to give her body a chance to heal. “I didn’t want to put any stress in the area,” she says, “and the first week it was kind of hard to walk. But my mom was very, very supportive. I was a baby again, basically. She was teaching me how to walk and everything!”

But Sara followed Dr. Patel’s post-op advice and things quickly got better. “I kept my bandages on for a day or two, then I just kept applying neosporin, and that was pretty much it. That, and keep taking the medication. That was my routine.” It didn’t take long for her to feel like herself again, and she was up and about just a week after her surgery.

“It was quick, a lot faster than I thought,” she says about the recovery process. “I honestly thought it would take longer. Within that week, I felt pretty good. I was walking a lot better and actually went out shopping,” she laughs. “Then after two weeks, I went back to work and I went back to school. You can’t miss a lot of days, so I was very happy about that.”

Even more surprising than the swift recovery were her results. As the swelling went down, Sara began to feel like a new woman.

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No More FOMO

Life before Sara’s surgery had its ups and downs. She felt self-conscious with her partner and couldn’t live in the moment, having to plan breaks at work or school so she could readjust herself. “I couldn’t be me,” she says. “I was missing out.”

Since Dr. Patel trimmed the excess skin and tissue that was bothering her, she’s been thrilled with her results and feels like she’s been given a fresh start. “Now I just feel free. I don’t have to worry about it. I’m better now, like it’s okay. We’re not perfect — we’re never perfect — but after this I just feel a lot more comfortable.”

And she’s noticed the impact in almost every area of her life. She can focus better, feel comfortable around others and have a real conversation with someone without worrying in the back of her mind that something’s off. “I can actually pay attention to what people are saying and not be in my head, feeling insecure. And I can walk,” she adds. “I don’t have to take breaks here and there. I’m just so happy. It is so much better… like, school and work and everything. I can just not even think about it, it doesn’t even cross my mind anymore.”

She knew she’d made the right choice when she booked her surgery at New Reflections Plastic Surgery, but she couldn’t imagine just how life-changing the experience would be. “Every day I look in the mirror and cherish the work,” she gushes. “I love how you can’t see any scars. It literally looks like a part of me, like I was born with it like that!”

Beyond the physical changes, however, an even deeper transformation was occurring. Sara began to realize how her insecurities had impacted her life and decided that she didn’t want to make anyone else feel the way she did.

You Never Know

As a 19 year old, Sara’s no stranger to gossip. Hearing others talk is one of the reasons she kept her struggle private for so long, not wanting to open herself up to ridicule. After her surgery, she couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief and thinking, “You can’t judge me now.”

But as Sara got used to her new look, she discovered something about herself. “I learned that I can be judging, too, and I also learned that I should love myself, even with all of my insecurities.” The way her friends reacted to the video of another woman’s labiaplasty hurt her. “This isn’t something I chose,” she says. “I was born like this, so hearing people talk like that and make mean comments… they were making fun of a problem I had, too. That made me feel really bad. I remember I went home and cried.”

It made her think back to moments in her life when she was the one joining in the laughter. But now, she was beginning to understand the impact it could have on others. “It made me realize that I need to stop pointing fingers and judging people, not knowing what they’re going through. This whole world is like that. People don’t watch what they say, and they just say it. That shouldn’t be how the world is right now. We all have to change our way of thinking, because you never know.”

Sara felt like she had grown from her experience. “Just because it’s someone you don’t know, or they don’t tell you things personally, doesn’t mean they’re not going through something,” she says. As she looks back on her journey, she’s not just grateful to be rid of the discomfort that had plagued her so long — she’s happy to have new insights that can help her make the world a kinder, more compassionate place to be.

At New Reflections Plastic Surgery, our goal is to build meaningful and lasting relationships with our patients, and we want to thank Sara for sharing her experience with us.

If you can relate to Sara’s story, we’d like to hear from you. Dr. Patel and his team are ready to help you say goodbye to the pain, discomfort and embarrassment caused by your labia. Contact us today or Call us at (732) 354-3792 to schedule a consultation — we look forward to being a part of your journey.