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Brazilian butt lifts are a popular way to add voluminous curves to the buttocks without the need for synthetic implants. Dr. Patel offers advanced techniques in this procedure to produce results that are both natural and long-lasting.

Safety – When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Patel, the Brazilian butt lift is both safe and effective in enhancing the buttocks while sculpting other areas of the body. Dr. Patel can perform this surgery using different anesthetic levels, but it is mostly done while the patient is awake, further reducing the risks during and after surgery.

Recovery – Dr. Patel’s surgical techniques and rapid recovery process ensure you get the results you are hoping for without a major interruption to your life. Discomfort is also significantly reduced, with most of our patients getting back to many of their activities within a matter of days, rather than weeks.

Results – Experience is the key to consistent, natural results from your Brazilian butt lift procedure. In addition to creating a smoother, even body contour with liposuction, the fat injections into the buttocks must be strategically placed to ensure a symmetric outcome. Dr. Patel works with this process regularly so you can rest assured your procedure will yield the best results possible.

A well-endowed backside has become a thing of beauty today, thanks to many celebrities flaunting their fuller derrieres. Some are naturally endowed with full, curvaceous buttocks. For others, a plump and perky posterior won’t happen without a bit of surgical assistance.

In the past, the only way to create volume in this area was with the use of synthetic implants, which required incisions that left visible scarring behind. Today, we can achieve similar results by injecting the patient’s own fat into their backside, reducing incisions and scarring while producing a natural look and feel and eliminating implant-related complications.

If you are unsatisfied with the size and shape of your bum, buttock augmentation with a Brazilian butt lift is an option to consider. Please reach out to Dr. Patel and his team today to schedule your consultation for a BBL in Freehold, NJ.

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A BBL is less invasive than implants and offers a natural way to augment the buttocks. This procedure is a two-step process. The first stage involves the removal of fat from one or more areas of the body via liposuction, a minimally-invasive surgical process that can usually be done using local or tumescent anesthesia. Popular areas for liposuction include the abdomen, flanks, waist, lower back and abdominal area. This provides the necessary fat cells for butt enhancement and simultaneously contours the areas around the buttocks for a more dramatic visual effect.

After the fat is removed, it is purified so only the best quality fat is reintroduced back to the body. The processed fat is placed into syringes to be injected into the buttocks for fuller curves and a subtle lift. The injections are made at a variety of depths to ensure an even, flattering augmentation. Special attention is given to your unique body shape so the results look natural and complement your frame. The entire procedure is done in a single session in our office.

What Are Common Reasons to Get a BBL?

Diet and exercise have limitations. Many of us are genetically disposed to having pockets of fat in certain areas, and we can’t get rid of them even when with an exceptionally healthy lifestyle. Muscle growth can also be challenging if our bodies are not naturally built for it.

Patients considering a Brazilian buttock lift in New Jersey often express dissatisfaction with a flat buttock contour, sometimes coupled with concerns about excess fat elsewhere on their body or decreased waistline definition. The buttocks may naturally be flat, or they may lose volume over time due to aging, pregnancies or weight loss. A BBL addresses these concerns by creating a fuller, more youthful appearance and sculpting an hourglass figure, while shaping other body areas with liposuction.

It’s important to remember that a BBL, or liposuction alone, is not for weight loss or a replacement for diet and exercise. These procedures complement a healthy lifestyle by re-shaping the body.

What Butt Shape Will a Brazilian Butt Lift Get Me?

There are many buttock shapes and lots of talk has gone on to describe them. The most important part for you to understand is that everyone naturally has a different shape. What parts of your butt are you looking to improve? Most people are looking to get a better contour or silhouette for their body, trying to get a lift from sagging or just trying to get bigger. Some people want a “bubble butt”, others want an athletic look, while others just don’t want to be flat anymore.

Dr. Patel takes a holistic approach. He likes to identify what shape you have and what needs to be done to improve your overall look and size so that you get the best of all worlds. After all, isn’t that what everyone wants?

As everyone has their own perspective of what an attractive butt is, you may wish to bring in pictures of buttocks you like. This can help Dr. Patel get a better idea of what look you are hoping to achieve, so he can give you an honest and realistic opinion of what a BBL can accomplish for you.

Does a BBL Actually Lift the Buttocks?

Despite having “lift” in the name, a Brazilian butt lift does not involve removing or repositioning skin and underlying tissues. This sets it apart from true lifting procedures, such as the arm lift or thigh lift. A BBL adds volume and makes the skin tauter, creating the illusion of a lift without the invasive procedure and extended scars of conventional surgical lifting techniques.

Am I a Good Brazilian Butt Lift Candidate?

A good candidate for a BBL is in good physical and mental health, at or near their ideal body weight, and seeking a more aesthetic buttock shape. You must have enough fat to transfer and achieve your desired results. Ideally, you should also have good skin quality with minimal laxity.

Most of the time, even in thin patients, sufficient fat can be harvested to achieve an attractive result. However, very thin patients may not be good candidates for buttock augmentation with fat transfer. An experienced BBL surgeon like Dr. Patel can assess you and tell you if you have enough fat to harvest. If you do not, Dr. Patel can discuss alternative options, such as Sculptra injections.

Should I Choose a BBL or Implants?

Buttock implants are made of firm silicone. Though they have the potential to add more volume than fat transfer, and can work for patients regardless of how much excess fat they have, implants have fallen out of favor with the rise of BBLs.

By using a patient’s body fat to enhance the buttocks, there is no risk of experiencing an allergic reaction or any complications that could arise from using an implant. The result of a BBL looks and feels more natural, and offers the dual benefits of augmentation and body contouring in one procedure.

What Is the Liposuction Procedure Like?

Dr. Patel uses tumescent liposuction for fat transfer procedures like the Brazilian butt lift. This technique begins with infusing a sterile fluid into the treatment area that makes the fat cells easier to remove. A narrow tube called a cannula is placed into the fat layer through a tiny incision. The cannula loosens the fat cells and suctions them out of the body so they can be reintroduced into the buttocks. Incisions are always small and leave almost no visible scarring behind.

Where Does the Fat Come From for a BBL?

Tumescent liposuction can be used to treat nearly any area of the body, but you will need to have sufficient fat to remove if the Brazilian butt lift is going to be successful. The most popular areas for fat removal are the back, abdomen, hips and thighs.

Good skin elasticity should be found at the donor sites to permit skin retraction following liposuction. If skin elasticity is compromised, removing the volume from underlying fat can leave behind redundant skin and associated contour deformities. Dr. Patel may recommend a surgical skin tightening procedure, such as a thigh lift or abdominoplasty, if skin laxity is a concern.

How Are the Injections Done?

Fat is prepared for the injection process as soon as it is removed. Dr. Patel will administer numerous injections into each buttock, carefully placing them to ensure a smooth and even result. The injection process is easy and comfortable, but afterwards you will need to keep weight off the backside for a few weeks to allow the fat to “take” in the treatment area.

How Much Fat Can Be Injected for a BBL?

The amount of fat used during a Brazilian butt lift depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Patient’s anatomy and proportions
  • Patient’s desired outcome
  • Amount of fat available
  • Expected rate of fat survival
  • Surgeon’s technique and preference

Dr. Patel adheres to safety guidelines that limit the amount of fat harvested and injected during one procedure. If it is not possible to achieve a patient’s goals in one sitting, the procedure can be repeated.

How Long Is the Recovery?

Initial recovery from a Brazilian butt lift takes three to five days or less. You may have mild bruising and swelling around both the liposuction and injection sites. These side effects will subside within a matter of days. You will need to keep pressure off your buttocks for longer, which usually involves sleeping on your stomach and using a special pillow when sitting down. You may also be instructed to wear a special compression garment to provide support and help reduce swelling.

Avoid strenuous, high-impact activities for the time recommended by Dr. Patel. After the transferred fat cells are fully established, you can resume more vigorous activities such as jogging or running. It is critical to follow Dr. Patel’s post-operative instructions to ensure optimal outcomes from the procedure.

Are BBL Results Permanent?

The results of a liposuction procedure should last permanently as long as you maintain a healthy weight after your procedure. If you gain pounds, you may see the fat cells that remain in the treated area enlarge, which would alter your results.

The results of a Brazilian butt lift are also permanent in most cases. Some fat cells may not survive the transfer, but the ones that do “take” in the new location should last indefinitely. They will act like any other fat cells in your body, so if your overall weight fluctuates, they will change proportionately.

If you notice unsatisfactory changes to the size or shape of the buttocks over time, you can undergo an additional fat transfer procedure to restore your results.

Will Scars Be Visible After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

BBL scarring is minimal. Because the fat is injected using a syringe, there is virtually no scarring on the buttock itself. One or more scars will be left at the site of liposuction, but these are usually tiny and inconspicuous. Dr. Patel takes care to keep these incisions small and place them where they are as discreet as possible. Dr. Patel’s surgical technique, coupled with proper incision and scar care while you recover, produces scars that can become scarcely visible over time. Some BBL patients are barely able to point out their own scars!

What If I Don’t Have Enough Fat for a BBL?

While the best and most permanent method for getting a great result is fat transfer, you can also get an attractive, more subtle result using Sculptra to stimulate your own body’s collagen production for increased volume. This process is best for those who simply can’t gain weight and don’t have enough fat for transfer. It’s a simple, same-day procedure that involves a few injections into the buttocks where you need volume and shaping. You will typically see results in a few weeks as the Sculptra grows your own collagen. Results can last a few years.

Request a Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation With Dr. Patel

A Brazilian butt lift is a natural, long-lasting way to achieve the curves you want but were not born with. New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Nikesh Patel believes communication and trust are the foundation of a satisfying aesthetic journey. When you choose Dr. Patel for your BBL, you can expect a personalized approach from an experienced surgeon who genuinely has your best interest in mind.

To learn more about this procedure, contact New Reflections Plastic Surgery at 732-354-3792.

A Brazilian butt lift is a natural, long-lasting way to achieve the curves you want but was not born with. To learn more about this procedure, contact New Reflections Plastic Surgery at 732-354-3792.