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Mommy makeovers are exciting combinations of procedures that can create amazing transformations.  Dr Patel combines several advanced techniques that help maximize your results

Recovery – when you have a few areas that you want to address, minimizing recovery is important.  Combining procedures can help reduce recovery time and with the help of Dr. Patel’s rapid recovery methods you can get back to being you sooner than you may think.

Results – are critical when it comes to any procedure.  Dr. Patel is a fanatic when it comes to details and utilizes the latest surgical techniques for all procedures.  Why settle for less?

New and exciting – We keep updated with all the latest technology and only offer those that are effective and worth it.  Non-invasive technologies like SculpSure™, ThermiSMOOTH™, and ThermiVA™, are improving our ability to produce results without surgery.  They are quick, easy, and don’t require any recovery time.

Being a Mom is one of the most satisfying things in the world and it takes a lot of effort.  Children are the most amazing examples of you as a person and often get all of your attention.  Sometimes we forget that we still need to pay a little attention to ourselves so that we can be there for everyone that we love.  That’s where a mommy makeover comes in!

After having children your body changes dramatically.  Your tummy skin may be loose and sag or droop.  You may have stretch marks.  Your abdominal wall may be stretched out keeping you from exercising or functioning normally.  Your breast may have grown and then shrunk or become droopy.  You may have even experienced changes in more private areas.  These are all areas that can be treated easily with a tummy tuck or liposuction, a breast lift or implants, or a variety of vaginal rejuvenation techniques.

What makes a Mommy makeover?

Mommy Makeovers combine different procedures together so you can get your body back all at once.  Your recovery is combined into one and your results come together into a stunning transformation.  Traditional mommy makeovers combine a tummy tuck with a breast lift, but with more advanced techniques and technology, we can customize results for your body and minimize recovery.  Here are a few things that can be combined to create your own Mommy makeover transformation:

Body Contouring

Tummy Tuck – This is the traditional procedure for a mommy makeover.  It will take away the excess lower tummy skin that is loose and may have stretch marks.  It can give you a flatter & smoother tummy.  It also tightens up your abdominal muscles that can become separated after multiple pregnancies.  This helps get your shape back and returns your abdominal muscles to more normal functional positions.

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Liposuction – If you have a little bit of a pouch in your tummy area and you don’t have so much loose skin then Liposuction may be the right thing for you.  It’s an easy procedure with only about a 1 day recovery and can get you back to your pre-baby figure really quickly.

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Non Surgical options for mommy makeover are also a great idea if you were able to get some results on your own but have some trouble areas or you just simply don’t want surgery.  New advances have made non-invasive procedures amazingly effective with no down time!

SculpSure™ is the latest advancement in laser technology that helps remove up to 24% of the fat in the areas treated.  There is absolutely no down time and it takes only about 25 minutes.  You can start to see results in about 6 weeks but most will see the best results in about 12 weeks.  You can come in, have the procedure on the same day, and in less than 30 minutes you can be back to work, the mall, or just having fun with absolutely no downtime, soreness, or swelling.  Our Practice was one of the first in New Jersey to offer SculpSure so we have some of the best experience.

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ThermiSMOOTH™ is another tremendously effective way to lose the fat and tighten skin in areas that have been tough to get rid of.  It is a 20 minute procedure that is performed once a week for 4 weeks.  The great part about ThermiSMOOTH™ is that we can apply it to larger areas of fatty collections and see some great slimming affects in just a few weeks!

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Breast Rejuvenation

Breast Lift or Mastopexy procedures will help lift up a deflated or sagging breast.  It can re-center the nipple or reduce the size if they became too large after pregnancy.  Dr. Patel’s Modern Lifting techniques are far better than those of yesterday.  They can produce better results that will make your breast look more perky and natural.  Recovery is a breeze and you can see results in just a few weeks while knowing that they will last because of the technique and skill Dr. Patel uses.

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Breast Augmentation may be the right thing for you if you lost a lot of volume in your breasts or if you thought they may have been small for you to begin with.  The process is easy and extremely safe.  Dr. Patel recommends Silicone Implants to get the most natural look and feel.  Dr. Patel specializes in natural looking breast augmentation results so you can feel confident without everyone knowing – unless of course you want to tell them!

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More Personal Enhancements – Vaginal rejuvenation

Labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation is more common than ever.  A labiaplasty can address any unevenness or enlargement of the labia.  It helps to give a smoother and neater appearance both in and out of clothing so that you can be confident at all times.  It is a quick procedure that more people are adding onto their Mommy makeover wish list

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ThermiVA™ is an amazing advancement in non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation.  In just three quick 30 minute treatments you can increase lubrication, thicken and tighten tissues, improve minor leakage and feel great with your partner.  The ThermiVA™ wand applies radiofrequency heat that feels like a gentle warm massage.  There is no recovery whatsoever and most women start to notice changes after the first or second treatment.  Everyone is very excited to add this easy and quick procedure to their mommy makeover transformation because it’s so simple, quick, and effective.

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“You’ve dedicated your life to your children but you shouldn’t forget that you need a little attention too.  If you’re at your best then you can give your best and you definitely deserve it!”

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