Concierge Care: A Personalized Approach to Your New Look

Dr. Patel evaluates many factors for a Breast Augmentation New Jersey patient.  There are some standard considerations, but a patient should be educated enough to make sure the following factors are not overlooked:

Natural-looking results:   Every patient has different ideas about their ideal look, so Dr. Patel strives to create the most natural-looking results in proportion to your body.  Most people today ask for results that will fill out their clothing or accentuate their body, but not make them look artificial.  Dr. Patel can consistently achieve this with his specialized surgical process and recovery plan.

2-day Downtime:   Patients are always concerned about how long it will take to get back to work and life.   Dr. Patel has purposely developed a recovery process that minimizes down time and improves natural-looking results.  Breast Augmentation patients usually experience 2 days of downtime before they get back to their normal lifestyle.

Sizing process:   “Our custom sizing process helps us get the exact breast size that patients want in real life.” says Dr. Patel.  “Many patients don’t fully understand the variation cup sizes and what that means for breast implants in their body.  When they come in for a consultation, I show patients what they look like in real life.  As opposed to modeling, pictures, video manipulation or guessing a number – practices used by many other plastic surgeons to select the proper size – we have a custom process for making sure everyone gets the size they envisioned.   Patients are excited, because they get to see it prior to surgery.”

Lifting Your Arms:   “Patients who come in for a Breast Augmentation Revision often complain about not being able to lift their arms.  My patients can lift their arms normally without any limitations.

Capsular Contraction Risks: Breast implants are better than ever and typically risks such as capsular contracture and rupture are down to 2-4% with modern silicone implants.  Surgery takes only about an hour, you go home on the same day and you can be ‘bikini ready’ in just a few weeks.


Women typically come in to our office for several reasons when they are looking to improve their breasts. Naturally, a woman’s breasts play a significant and important role in her sensuality and confidence. New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nikesh Patel understands and embraces this fact and can show you how breast augmentation can help you achieve the confidence and appearance that you always wanted. Breast implants can help improve chest size, lift up and rejuvenate older breasts, and revitalize your breasts after children. They can help you achieve or regain confidence in your body and make you feel even more beautiful. And everyone knows confidence is definitely beautiful!

Natural Breast Augmentation with New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nikesh Patel


Some women have simply not developed an appropriate chest size and are simply looking to increase their breast size to match their body. You rarely get to choose things about your body and now is the perfect time to choose to have breasts that are the right size for your body and your personality. You can go as large or as small as you desire. Don’t worry if you are not sure what size is right for you. Dr. Nikesh Patel usually recommends that you discuss with him what your goals are and then he can help guide you to your perfect size. Dr. Nikesh Patel specializes in making breasts beautiful and natural. He utilizes the latest knowledge in New Jersey breast augmentations to produce spectacular and natural results that will keep everyone guessing.

More and more New Jersey women are choosing Natural Breast Augmentation with Dr. Nikesh Patel because he listens to his patients and achieves the stunning results they are asking for. Dr. Patel personalizes his consultations with each patient. He only plans your Breast augmentation procedure after he fully understands what your goals are and what you wish to achieve. Once everyone is on the same page then you will be on your way to achieving superior and natural results that will help make you more confident and feel absolutely beautiful.

Dr. Nikesh Patel specializes in natural breast augmentation which produces natural appearing and natural feeling breasts. While others may simply perform a breast augmentation by throwing an implant in the body, he demands a higher standard and believes that with skill and attention to detail Breast augmentation results can be stunning. He applies his knowledge and experience and gives every patient the distinct and individual attention they require to achieve not good but great results.

Mommy Makeovers with Plastic Surgeon Nikesh Patel M.D.

After child birth and breast engorgement a woman’s breasts often will deflate and begin to sag or show signs of premature aging. These women often come in asking for younger looking, perkier, and less deflated breasts. In many situations breast augmentation with New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nikesh Patel can help achieve these results and help bring back your natural shape. Breast Implants can be placed in the body to fill out the breasts like they were before pregnancy. With this “mommy makeover” your chest size will increase, your sagging skin will smooth out, and you breasts can look younger and full and even lifted! Dr. Patel can help you choose the precise size, shape, and style of breast implant that can help you achieve younger, perkier, and natural looking breasts. Dr. Patel Specializes in rejuvenating breast with breast implants and achieving natural results. If you combine a tummy tuck with you Breast Augmentation then you’ve got a complete mommy makeover!

Sometimes, Dr. Patel will incorporate a small lift with breast augmentation that can further enhance your results and achieve your goals. This combined procedure can help reduce extra skin or sagging skin or even change the size or position of your nipple if necessary. Dr Nikesh Patel can help you decide if this is necessary or will benefit you.

All About Breast Implants

There are a variety of options available when considering Breast augmentation in New Jersey with Dr. Nikesh Patel. Options include type of implants like saline or silicone, size of implants, shapes of implants, positioning of implants like above or below the muscle, incision placement, and more. Dr Nikesh Patel specializes in natural breast augmentation and can help make these options match your goals in no time. Here is some more information about these options to help you get a better understanding of this procedure.

Silicone Breast Implants vs. Saline Breast Implants

Saline implants are essentially like water balloons. They have a silicone elastomer shell that holds in saline or salt water. Silicone implants on the other hand are a bit more complicated. They have a similar silicone elastomer shell that holds in silicone. Today’s breast implant have undergone significant revisions and are safer than ever. In fact, the FDA has reapproved them for general use for most patients. The gel silicone implants that we have today are a step up because the silicone they are filled with is like pudding or a gummy bear that stays put if the shell ruptures. This leaves us with a very safe and effective device that can help produce consistent results.

Size and Shape and Texture

Breast implant sizes vary greatly and you can essentially choose any size that will achieve the look you want. That can be something small that will enhance your confidence to something more significant that will improve your appearance and boost your confidence at the same time. Dr. Nikesh Patel can go over sizes with you in your consultation and help you decide what may be the right size for you.

Breast implants also come in a variety of shapes. They can be round, breast shaped, smooth or textured. Some implants are flat and full like a cake while others are more voluptuous like a balloon. Each type of implant can result in a different look based on your body and the amount of skin and breast tissue you have available. Dr. Nikesh Patel will help you choose the appropriate implant for the results you want.

Submammary vs. Submuscular Breast Implants

Positioning of the implant can be important in a number of situations. The implant can be placed above your chest muscles but below your breast tissue or it can be placed below both your chest muscle and breast tissue. Positioning is generally base on your anatomy. Most situations require that the implant is placed below the muscle as this helps to hide or smooth out the implants once they are placed. This helps to achieve very natural look. Dr. Patel will go over what position is right for you during your breast augmentation consultation.

Incisions for Breast Augmentation

A number of incisions are available for breast augmentations in New Jersey. While each has its own strengths and weaknesses, in general all incisions are extremely well hidden and little if any scarring is present once fully healed. Incisions can be in the inframammary or submammary position (in the breast fold), periareolar position (around the nipple-areola complex), axillary position, or umbilical position.

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