Laser Resurfacing or Laser Peels are procedures that rejuvenate the skin of your face. Lasers are used to remove several of the wrinkled and damaged top layers of skin to allow the younger and healthier deeper layers show through. Lasers can correct and improve wrinkles, damaged skin and uneven pigmentation in certain situations. The ultimate result is a fresh, smooth, and younger complexion that many New Jersey and Monmouth County residents have already experienced at New Reflections Plastic Surgery.

All types of skin can benefit from Laser Resurfacing. Whether you are a man or a woman you can see significant improvements in your appearance and the health of your skin. Lasers can be used safely on all skin types when performed appropriately and Dr. Patel has experience with skin of all pigmentation.

Men and women of all ages may benefit from Laser Resurfacing. The best results from the procedure are typically seen in individuals with fair, healthy, non-oily skin.


Skin Rejuvenation with Laser Resurfacing

Is Laser Resurfacing right for me?

You may be a good candidate for Laser Resurfacing in New Jersey if you have problems such as:

  • fine lines, especially around the eyes
  • vertical lines around the mouth
  • facial scars caused by injury or accident
  • scars caused by acne
  • areas of uneven pigmentation, such as “age spots”
  • lines on the cheeks caused by sun damage

There are a host of different resurfacing options that can be personalized to meet your specific concerns. Dr. Nikesh Patel can help you identify what procedures will be most appropriate and effective for you specific problems.

What should I expect from the consultation?

A private and personalized consultation is the first step for anyone considering Laser Resurfacing. During your consultation, Dr. Nikesh Patel will assess your skin health and discuss you specific cosmetic goals. He will review any previous procedures you may have had, including facials and dermabrasion; any skin conditions, medications, nutritional supplements, skin allergies, acne, or facial injuries. He will evaluate your skin to determine its overall health, tone, thickness and color. Then you will formulate a detailed plan that can address all of you concerns in the most effective, speedy, and safe manner.

How is Laser Resurfacing performed?

In Laser Resurfacing, a laser beam vaporizes the upper layers of damaged skin with great precision as controlled by. Your skin will then regenerate new cell during the healing process leaving your with a smother, tighter, younger look. While this process is instantaneous, recovery can be varied base upon the time you have available to recuperate which can be from 0-7 days. Dr. Patel will try to safely achieve the best results for you during your session, however, if the wrinkles or imperfections are very deep, Dr. Patel may recommend that you have your resurfacing performed in several stages to achieve your optimal results.

Are there any other options?

Many options are available to treat imperfections of the skin however, they treat your skin very differently. Retin-A, Glycolic Peels, Dermabrasion, and Chemical Peels all perform the same function however none has the precision and predictability of Laser Resurfacing. These other options do have a place in the care of your skin but you should review this with Dr. Patel to get the best the best treatment.

Is Laser Resurfacing safe?

Thousands of laser resurfacing procedures are performed every year without any major complications. Nonetheless, there are risks associated with this procedure as with all medical procedures. Dr. Patel with outline any risks that you will need to be aware of during your consultation and guide you on how to avoid them throughout your procedure. Safety is a primary concern and you will be instructed on what to do to minimize any risks.

What is recovery like?

Once resurfacing is completed Dr. Patel will apply a post procedure dressing which will likely include ointment that will protect the newly uncovered skin cells while the heal. You may have some minor bleeding depending upon how deep your resurfacing is and you will likely experience mild to moderate swelling for the next 24-36 hours. This will typically resolve on its own but you can apply cold compresses and take medication to keep you comfortable during this phase of recovery.

Everyone heals differently and resurfacing with a laser can be varied from superficial to deep. Therefore your recovery will follow a typical pattern but may vary based upon your skin and the procedure performed.

General Recovery Timeline

  • Initially you will be bright ping to red which is an indicator that the procedure has achieved an adequate level and you are beginning the healing process. During this time new collage layers are being formed and your new skin cells are strengthening.
  • After a week the redness will be faded and you’ll begin to appreciate your improved appearance

It’s important to remember that the redness will fade gradually. Although the color will continue to diminish with every passing day, some faint pinkness may remain for a period of time.

Following treatment, it is essential to protect your face from the sun. If you must be in the sun, you should apply a strong sun block with a SPF of 15 or higher and shade your face to protect your new and healing skin.

Long lasting results

Once you have completed healing you will notice a dramatic improvement in the tone, texture, and appearance of your skin. You will get complemented on how healthy your skin looks and how fresh and young your complexion appears. You will begin to feel more confident when you are out with friends and family as well as at work!

Your results are permanent, and may take you back several years depending upon your treatment and response. Nonetheless, your skin will continue to age but from a different start point, much like a clock would if you set it back several hours. The lines on your face that create experession will naturally reappear eventually but will be diminished as long as you continue to care for your skin with a good skin care regimen.

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Comparing Lasers and Rejuvenating procedures

Whether you’re looking to prevent or reduce the signs of aging, laser skin resurfacing has never been more popular or effective. Many physicians and spas offer these light based treatments producing a confusing environment that is filled with marketing hype and buzz words. Treatments such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Broad Band Light (BBL), Laser Peels, MicroLaser Peels, and Frational lasers such as Fraxel are all good options if they are used for the proper skin type and skin condition. Each has its own strength and weakness. We offer all of these treatments as they are most appropriate in specific situations. You can read quick review here that may help straighten things out a bit and then you can call us for a quick and comprehensive consultation that can help you decide which one you may be best suited for.

IPL/BBL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL/BBL Skin Rejuvenation leaves the upper layers of the skin intact and corrects a variety of conditions such as: irregular pigmentation, UV damage, age spots, freckling, unwanted facial veins and general redness. It is highly effective and extremely popular, however, IPL/BBL procedures are not designed to repair lines and wrinkles, stimulate long-term collagen production, reduce pore size, enhance skin’s elasticity or improve acne scarring as laser treatments do. IPL/BBL Skin Rejuvenation procedures come with minimal or no downtime and minimal risks. IPL/BBL Skin Rejuvenation treatments are outstanding “lunchtime” procedures that yield quick and excellent results. Three to five procedures are typically necessary for an optimal result. Skin is rejuvenated and appears even and younger.

MicroLaser Peel / Arctic Peel / Lunchtime Peel

A Microlaser Peel is a quick procedure with minimal to no down time that can treat the superficial layers of skin. It is best for uneven texuture, superficial discoloration, fine to moderate wrinkles, and light scars. A Microlaser Peel removes the outer layers of the skin, exposing the younger layers and producing a healthier and refreshed look. It is often a quick and painless procedure with a topical anesthetic and requires a 1-3 recovery based upon the depth of treatment. You will see significant and dramatic results immediately after the treatment and it is essentially a quick and light version of a Laser Peel but more aggressive than an IPL/BBL.

Laser Peels

Both the Microlaser Peel and Laser Peel skin resurfacing treatments are performed with an Er:YAG 2940 ablative laser system. This advanced laser system allows for multiple protocols and treatment depths for our clients based on their individual needs and goals. This technically advanced device allows Dr. Patel to control the precise depth amount of laser energy when treating the skin. This produces a highly predictable and reliable result while minimizing risks associated with non laser peels. The average Laser Peel procedure significantly deeper than an average Microlaser Peel. Both are ablative laser procedures that come with potentially serious side effects and risks. It is important to understand the experience and training of the individual operating these highly effective lasers. A consultation with a Skin Specialist such as Dr. Nikesh Patel is a critical step in determining which treatment is appropriate to meet your individual goals. We offer both treatments based on what is best for your skin type.

Fraxel or Fractional Lasers

Fractional skin resurfacing is an exciting new technology that seems to bridge the gap between non-ablative and ablative laser treatments. A Fraxel or Fractional Laser procedure is designed to treat a percentage or a fraction of the skin’s surface with any single treatment. Typically a series of 4-5 Fraxel treatments are necessary to achieve a similar result as one Microlaser Peel or Laser Peel. The major benefit with fractional laser resurfacing is that by only treating a fraction of the skin’s surface each time you can minimize downtime and reach deeper into the skin to produce deeper collogen remodeling that will rejuvenate the skin. Results can be similar to laser peels and MicroLaser Peels over a series of treatments. Fractional Lasers are very good at treating some deeper wrinkles and especially acne scars while producing results over a longer period of time with different down times. You may not notice a dramatic difference immediately but you will note improving results as your skin remodels for about 6 weeks.

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