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SculpSure is the world’s first FDA-cleared laser treatment for non-invasive lipolysis. It’s a state-of-the-art, controlled light-based technology, ideal for anyone looking to get rid of stubborn fat.

In today’s world there are many technologies that claim to produce results, claim to do it pain free, and claim to have no down time. Finally there’s a treatment that actually reduces the fat and does it honestly!

√  Defined success: 24% fat reduction
√  Clinically prove
√  Over 90% satisfaction rate
√  Comfortable and well-tolerated treatment
√  Can be used on all skin types

Advantages of SculpSure in New Jersey:

•  No incisions – its completely non invasive
•  No pain – it produces gentle waves of cooling and heating that are easily tolerated
•  No downtime – go back to work or play immediately without any swelling, post-procedure garments, or anything to hold you back!
•  Takes only 25 minutes per area – finish before you finish streaming your favorite show!

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a laser-based treatment that is applied to the problem area. The applicator will cycle through warm and cool cycles as it heats up the deeper fat cells disrupting them and allowing the body to absorb them over time. It all takes just 24 minutes, during which you can read, watch a program, check emails, play a game… the list goes on. But, your treatment will probably be over before you even know it!

What is a New Jersey SculpSure Treatment like?

The steps are simple:

  1. Applicator place on the problem area
  2. Only 25 minutes of gentle heating and cooling cycles
  3. Get dressed and go – no downtime – no garments!

What is SculpSure recovery like?

  • No Bruising is typically seen with SculpSure
  • No Swelling is typically seen with SculpSure
  • No pain is typically seen after SculpSure
  • No Special garment required after treatment
  • No downtime to limit your ability to return to work or play

What kind of SculpSure results can I expect?

  • You’ll start to see results in as little as 6 weeks
  • You’ll typically see a 24% fat reduction in the areas treated
  • Final results are typically seen in about 12 weeks
  • Areas can be treated over if you want to see even more improvement

Can I have multiple SculpSure treatments?

Yes. You can use SculpSure on the same location more than once if you want to see even more results.  You will need to wait approximately 6-12 weeks before having additional treatments.  You can, however, treat other areas in the meantime without any issues.

What does NJ SculpSure cost per treatment?

SculpSure treatments are based on the number of applicators used. In a typical treatment (25 minutes) you would use up to 4 applicators at once. More details on pricing will be discussed during your consultation.

Are there problems with SculpSure?

Unlike with other treatments like CoolSculpting, there are no long term problems with SculpSure. With CoolSculpting you can see prolonged nerve pain and contour problems – but not with SculpSure. Temporary and minor issues like swelling and soreness may rarely occur in the first week or so but always resolve afterward.

Why should I choose Dr. Patel as my NJ SculpSure provider?

Sculpsure is a laser-based machine which means that a medical doctor must run the machine in New Jersey. Other locations may have a nurse, tech, or even just a high school grad running this sophisticated machine on your body. At New Reflections a physician monitors you throughout your treatment and keeps you safe. Dr. Patel is a plastic surgeon who is technically oriented. He understands how to apply the science to the max to make sure you see results while keeping you safe. Don’t be fooled by under-qualified treaters.

Are there any alternatives to SculpSure at New Reflections?

We take pride in providing the best treatments available. That includes achieving the best results possible, and the best treatment experience possible. There are lots of treatment options for fat reduction that include invasive and non-invasive treatments. Some work and many do not. Most have varying degrees of discomfort and some even have long-lasting side effects like numbness and pain.

While SculpSure may be the best option for those looking to avoid surgery, or to simply remove some stubborn areas, other people may benefit from other technologies and techniques. Liposuction is a better method of treating a more significant amount of stubborn fat and may be right for you if you have larger areas that need to be treated. ThermiSmooth is another great non-invasive technology that can help reduce fat but requires 4 or more treatment sessions that feel like a mere hot stone massage. It works great at slowly and evenly reducing mid-sized areas without any difficulty. SculpSure also may not properly treat areas with significant amounts of loose skin. For this, a treatment like ThermiTight may produce more of a tightening effect and a better result.

We keep up the constantly changing technologies so you don’t have to. Let us match you with the best treatment available so you can get the results you’re looking for.

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SculpSure’s Unique FDA 501K filing

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