After much debate on getting

After much debate on getting Lipo, Dr Patel’s confidence and demeanor convinced me to go for it. I work out often (job requirement), but couldn’t get rid of that final last bit of belly fat. I am extremely pleased with the reults and my experience. The results were immediate and the recovery period very quick. I couldnt have asked for anything better. I highly recommend Dr Patel. Thanks again for the help


I have done my abdomen

I have done my abdomen with Dr Patel. He is a very charming man who wants to make happy all his patients. I am very satisfied with the results that he promise me the day of my first consultation after four pregnancies my belly looks ugly that’s why I decide to have a lipo on my abdomen and I am glad that I chose Dr Patel. He is a very honest person. He is not like other doctors who just go for your money. His honesty is the (characteristic that made) me chose him. If you are planning to do some surgery on any part of your body, please try to consult him first. This coming Fall, I (am) going to use his service again. I am planning to do some repairs on my face.


I would like to let

I would like to let everyone know how wonderful and gifted Dr. Patel is. I was in an accident in December —- at my friend’s home which fractured most of the left side of my face.  I literally looked like I had just been in a boxing fight with Muhammed Ali or Mike Tyson.  When I was given the news from the Emergency room doctor that I had to undergo surgery to repair all these fractured bones near my eye and cheekbone, both myself and my close friend were quite frightened and upset.  The ER doctor assured me that she had called a wonderful plastic surgeon who was coming to the hospital to see me and that I had nothing to worry about.  Well she was right. Dr. Patel came in and settled all of our apprehensions immediately.  He has such an optimistic and wonderful bedside manner which is exactly what a patient needs when you get news like this.  He thoroughly explained what he would need to do to repair my face and in regular people’s terms not the usual medical jargon that no one understands other than another medical staff member.  He scheduled my operation for the next day and kept my family, friends, and myself informed of what was going to happen.  Well, the operation was a success and my face is 100 percent better now.  I healed amazingly well and everyone including myself still can’t believe that I look like nothing ever happened to me. Dr. Patel has a wonderful Office Manager, Liz, who after the surgery was so kind and calm with me even though I had so many questions.  She also has a calming spirit about her which is such an asset to Dr. Patel’s practice. All I can say is that if you need any plastic surgery done regardless if it’s for a medical emergency or elective situation, you will not go wrong with choosing Dr. Patel and his office to assist you with your needs.  


The first thing that comes

The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking of Dr. Nikesh Patel is his genuine care for his patient. His “bedside manner” is probably the best I have ever encountered. I went to Dr. Patel because I have tried to lose weight but couldn’t lose it in the stomach area. Dr. Patel explained to me why I was having so much difficulty and this surgery will help me and feel good about myself again. Having a procedure like a tummy tuck is scary but Dr. Patel provided every step of the operation and recovery. Along with the tummy tuck procedure; I had liposuction to enhance the outcome in the flank area. Going into the surgery I was nervous and excited at the same time. Leaving the hospital I was in pain but Dr. Patel had explained that to me beforehand so it wasn’t a surprise. That night Dr. Patel called my house to follow up on me and also made sure he saw me the next day. I was totally impressed with how he truly cared and had so much compassion for his patient. I was back to work in a week but a little sore and every day I felt a little better. Dr. Patel was absolutely right not just about the recovery steps but I do feel good about myself again. Dr. Patel never rushes your appointments and is truly happy personally and professionally when his patients are content and ecstatic with his results. His staff is extremely helpful and is very personable. You never feel like a number or just another patient. At every visit and every phone call home they make you feel like they have known you for years. Dr. Patel and is office is very professional and efficient. Dr. Patel and his office should be praised on their personal care. I have to say one of the best decisions I ever made was to have this surgery and more importantly having a warm and caring physician like Dr. Patel to have as my plastic surgeon. My surgery was a success and the outcome was exceptional and I have Dr. Patel to thank for this!


So about 2 months later

So about 2 months later and I Love Love Love my results. My scale weight didn’t lower at all, but the way I look and feel is majorly different and improved. The scale not changing could be because I have more motivation to work out now since the surgery and I’ve been consistently working out daily…. My stomach is flat and tighter. I find my jeans fitting me better and my butt actually is more prominent now from my pre surgery body, so that’s a plus. Dr . Patel has a Fantastic bedside manner, down to earth, professional, and amazing at what he does. Liz is also a major help to me too. She is his right hand woman who helps and follows up on top of Dr. Patel. She is friendly and helpful.


I want to take this

I want to take this time to tell you my thoughts and experience. In Feburary … I got my breast done. It was always my dream, my boyfriend of 21 years kept talking me out of it. So I took him to my appointment to see all that will happen. Dr. Patel is honest and right there to answer any questions you have. Dr. Patel isn’t there for the money he is there because he like what he does and is great at it. And wants you to feel good about yourself. My boyfriend is hard to impress and thinks everyone is a sales person. When we left he didn’t have that feeling about Dr. Patel. Dr. Patel tells you step by step of what will happen and needs to be done. I’m so happy that I did it. I love his work but most of all I love my look. I can now wear shirts or dress and have something to fill it. The only bad side that I didn’t like is you have to sleep on your back for a couple of weeks. That’s the only bad thing I can say about it all. And Liz that works for dr. Is great. She answer any questions you have and is very helpful. I love when I go there you know you will get the same mood. Not like mores places you go.


Dr. Patel has done multiple

Dr. Patel has done multiple procedures on me that have all been amazing. The best thing about him is that whatever your expectations are- his are higher. Recovery is always easy and quick for me. For the laser lipo, it was a simple in office procedure for me. I even went to work the next day. Dr. Patel checks on my recovery a lot and is with me every step of the day. I love him and I’ve recommended plenty of friends and family to him that are also overly happy with their results. The reasoning I had the surgery done was because of my inability to avoid a muffin top, even with strict diet and exercise. For my recovery the day of was easy. I was very sleepy after the procedure, but no pain yet. The next day, my tummy felt like it was full of liquids, “jello” type feel to it and numbness across my abdomen. Underneath the jello and numbness, it felt as though I over worked out the day before, by a lot. This is when I loved the garmet the most because it “held me together.” Some bruising occurred around my flanks, but quickly went away by the 4th-5th day. It takes a few days for the liquid to be reabsorbed in the body, but once it was I am now just left with some swelling. Currently 2 and a half weeks later I still wear the garmet and have some swelling and minimal numbness only where swelling is, but results are already showing tremendously. My best tip to anyone getting this procedure is don’t be afraid when you see the bloated look from the liquids the next few days after the procedure, it goes away! The pros of my surgery include; virtually painless, I was able to not miss a day of work (I worked before my procedure the day of), how quickly I’m recovering, and thus far it seems as though I will have minimal to no marks left from the two tiny incision points. The only con was really the garmet that is worn after the procedure. I look at it as a blessing and a curse all at the same time. I loved it because as I was healing it made me tummy feel secure and less of a jello feel. I hated it at times because it could get uncomfortable underneath clothes that I found myself fixing it in the bathroom a lot. New year, new tummy


I had very large breasts

I had very large breasts , and I was having back and neck pain, after the breast reduction and lift, I had no pain in my back and neck.I felt like a new person. After the procedure i was no longer self ,conscious abou my chest. The results were great my breasts were perky and more firm and I had less trouble fitting my clothes. My experience with Dr.Patel was great. he answered all my questions,spent a considerable amount of time with me . his bedside manner was terrific and his aftercare and followup visits were great. His secretary Liz was terrific,handled all the paperwork. I was completely satisfied with the whole procedure.Dr. Patel is not only a great doctor, but a very caring person.


At age 14 I went

At age 14 I went from a flat chest to a C cup, and climbed all the way to a DDD/E ten years later. I tried everything to fix this “problem”, but eventually all the teasing, back pain, baggy clothes, and restrictiveness was too much. I definitely should have done this surgery years ago but I am so glad I waited until I found a great doctor and had the proper time to heal. I went from a 36DDD/E to a 34C. No more back pain, no more baggy clothes, and thankfully I have no restrictions on what I am able to physically or mentally do. Dr. Patel is one of the top doctors I have ever had. He performed a procedure a few years earlier and from that I knew he was careful, precise, and had great skill. At the time of my consultation I had no doubt that Dr. Patel was educated, updated on the best medical procedure for me, and most of all was interested in my overall goal of taking some weight off but not losing my natural body type. At all times I was comfortable and trusted him knowing he would do his absolute best to give me a perfect outcome- perfect size, hardly any scars, great placement. Dr. Patel runs his practice so meticulously and along with Liz they really care about your wellbeing and are there for all questions, I would highly recommend them for any cosmetic or reconstructive procedure.


Motivation for surgery was for

Motivation for surgery was for comfort and look of my vagina. I knew everyone’s looks different and the way mine looked is very common, but I was not satisfied with it. The way vagina was pre surgery did not affect me during intimacy, but did when I wore tight clothes or a bathing suit. The pros of my surgery was that I was awake the entire time and it was a quick and easy recovery. The cons of my surgery were the fact that it was such a sensitive area, but the pain was bearable. I barely used any pain medication of any sort after my surgery. Recovery included me icing myself and laying down the first 2-3 days, wearing a maxi pad, and resting. The 5th day I was already back on my feet at work with only a panty liner and no more ice. I had it done on a Friday so it wouldn’t interfere with me missing any more than 1 day of work, which made the surgery convenient. Overall, I am overly satisfied with my results of smaller lips. It makes it easier to wear tight clothes without discomfort and I am also not uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit anymore. Since it is almost a year since my original surgery, it is still the same as when I originally recovered. I say this because I was nervous that maybe it would not go all the way back to pre surgery, but maybe even slightly and it didn’t at all. Dr. Patel was gentle and a perfectionist in this surgery. I recommend that anyone who felt the same way I did look into this surgery with Dr. Patel because you’re not put under anesthesia and it is a quick recovery for the results that would impress anyone. Aside from my surgery, Dr. Patel has convenient appointments and tries to work with your schedule. He is always open to questions and concerns you have with prompt responses. I am never rushed as I feel usually nowadays from doctors and there is rarely a wait at all. Liz, the office manager is also very helpful and always available.


I had been debating on

I had been debating on getting plastic surgery for a while. After meeting with a couple doctors, I wasn’t impressed. When I met Dr. Patel, he was the first surgeon to make me feel comfortable. He talked to me like a person- not just a number or someone beneath him. He was educated, articulate, and non judgmental. I had wanted to be a full C. But the size I chose ended up bringing me to a D or DD. I’m okay with that, though. The surgery went smoothly, I was able to be up on my feet again in about a week. He was always very thorough with his work and aftercare. My breasts sit a little lower than I was expecting, but I asked for as natural as possible and that’s exactly what I got! It was a learning experience, and when I need them re-done I will be going to Dr. Patel again. I also see him for fillers and have been beyond happy with my results for those as well. Dr. Patel is a perfectionist and I really appreciate him. Also, I love the office staff. Liz is always SO sweet. She makes you feel like an old friend whenever you walk into the office. 10/10 would recommend New Reflections Plastic Surgery.


Great Job!

Hi, I am a 24 year old female and underwent liposuction of the abdomen and flanks performed by Dr. Nikesh Patel. I am incredibly in awe and amazement with the results of the procedure! I am so delighted to have taken the steps to have this surgery, but more importantly I am so pleased with my decision of having Dr. Patel as my plastic surgeon. He is such a warm, caring, supportive, and compassionate physician- and really one in a few you will ever encounter who really takes his time to understand what you want from the surgery and explain to you what can be expected. He gave his absolute best in performing the surgery and gave me a phenomenal outcome that was beyond my expectations. I will be forever be grateful to him and his staff for giving me a more confident body. I would most definitely very highly recommend him to anyone.
– Kristi