As you are considering your procedure of choice, we can help you get the body and skin you want with a specialized financing option. At New Reflections Plastic Surgery, our goal is to help you get the results you want at a price you can afford. As an innovator, you can trust that we are always using the latest technology and the most up-to-date procedures. Whether you have come to this site seeking body contouring, breast augmentation, or another procedure, we can help you select the most appropriate financial strategy for your circumstances. We understand that, just as every patient has unique goals as to what they want to be performed, they also have unique financial needs. We can create a manageable plan for you.


At New Reflections Plastic Surgery, we offer a variety of payment methods to fit your personal budget to help you obtain your desired procedures without hesitation. Most cosmetic surgeries are not covered under insurance, which means that expenses are typically paid out of pocket. We realize that paying out of pocket is not an available option for many of our clients. Rather than struggle with the costs associated with the procedure you wish to undergo, you can use one of our financing options. We offer zero-money-down financing and a 6-month, no-interest financing plan.

We accept most major credit cards and offer flexible financing options. With a 6-month, no-interest financing plan and no money down, you can easily benefit from the services we offer. Our goal is to help you get high-quality care at a reasonable cost to you. As we seek to work within your personal budget, your needs can be met in the most appropriate manner. Rather than charging you a substantial down payment when you retain our services, you can select one of our flexible financing options that can work to your advantage now and in the future.


No-money-down loans are rare to find. At New Reflections Plastic Surgery, we desire to find the greatest financial fit for the needs of our customers. We can meet your needs by providing various options from which you can select. Using the latest treatment technology and our convenient payment options, our team members can help you become a more confident person. If you are prepared to get started on your case, we encourage you to come to our office. No matter what your situation, do not hesitate to call us; we take on clients with a variety of credit circumstances. We encourage you to fill out our application online to get the process started. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn about the payment options we have available and how we can help you accomplish your physical goals.