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Tummy Tuck is a very traditional procedure that treats loose skin on the abdomen and makes a tummy flat and tight again.  It is often performed in combination with a breast procedure and is then termed a “Mommy Makeover”.

Technique – When performed correctly, modern styles of Tummy tuck procedures will tighten the skin, flatten the abdomen, firm up the abdominal muscles, and remake the belly button all at once.  All this should be done while minimizing scars.

“My passion and experience in balancing all of these aspects is what make the difference between a good result and a great result.  I don’t settle on just getting a tight tummy, I demand on getting great results in all areas no matter how minor.” Dr. Patel

Recovery – My Rapid Recovery Process addresses the causes of discomfort after surgery.  Most others complain about pain, inability to stand, swelling, and more than a week for recovery.  I’ve adjusted my surgical techniques and changed my recovery process so that discomfort is minimized to just a few days, you can stand straight almost immediately, and get back to work and your lifestyle in about 5 days.

Everyone is looking for a flat and well-toned abdomen.  Most people try to achieve this through exercise and dieting.  But sometimes this just isn’t possible or can be extremely difficult to achieve.  Whether you’ve gained weight, lost weight, or had children, a tummy tuck can help treat your loose tummy and make it tight again with minimal discomfort.

You’re a great candidate for a tummy tuck if you :

  • Have sagging or loose abdominal skin
  • Have had children
  • Have lost a lot of weight
  • Have separation of your abdominal muscles (diastasis recti)
  • Want a tighter and flatter tummy
  • Want to improve your belly button


What is a Tummy Tuck

A Tummy tuck is a traditional surgery that removes skin and fat, tightens skin, and can achieve a flatter and younger looking abdomen.  The process begins by removing the extra lower abdominal skin, and pulling down and tightening the rest.  Muscles that have been weakened over years of stress or through childbirth are then brought back to their normal position. This produces an internal tightening almost like you’re wearing a corset to hold things in.  Finally the belly button is rejuvenated and revised to be smaller and less droopy like years ago.  All together this process helps give a naturally younger look that can be shown off even in a bikini.

Can I have a better belly button with a Tummy Tuck?

Another area of traditional tummy-tuck trouble is the belly button.  So many surgeons today produce a simple and very tiny round button that doesn’t even come close to replicating or imitating a natural belly button despite the fact that there are several techniques to help achieve this.  I tend to use several variations of different techniques that match each individual body and help achieve a younger appearing belly button that is also natural and looks normal.  I think that the attention to these subtle details produce an overall better result without any sacrifice.

How can I improve my recovery after a Tummy Tuck?

I’ve refined the whole process of surgery and recovery to help speed you back to your normal lifestyle.  During surgery I always use the latest techniques to reduce postoperative pain and that helps speed your recovery.  One of these methods involve using long acting anesthetics that will calm and numb the repaired abdominal wall (because that’s where most of the pain comes from) giving you nearly 24 hours of complete relief.   Afterwards you’ll have a postoperative garment or binder on that will help control and limit swelling and help you recover faster.  Using my rapid recovery protocols, most people will be back to work in about 5 days and most will be enjoying their new bodies just a few weeks later.

Can I stand straight after a tummy tuck?

Traditional Tummy Tuck surgeons would produce results that would make patients hunch over for several day after this surgery.  You can still hear some of these horror stories in reviews online.  This can be avoided most of the time and should not be the normal.  I prefer to perform Tummy Tucks in a way that you can stand straight and act pretty normal within a day or less.  There is no great benefit to staying hunched over after surgery so why go through it?

Liposuction vs  Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tucks can be a great procedure to get rid of skin and tighten up loose abdominal muscles but sometimes you may need some liposuction with it or in place of it.  Many people will have liposuction of their love handles along with a tummy tuck to get a better contour.  Alternatively, if you don’t have a lot of extra skin, liposuction alone may be a great option for you.  Call or email us to find out what may be best for you.

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Can I have a mommy makeover with a tummy tuck?

Absolutely!  A mommy makeover typically includes a body contouring procedure like a Tummy Tuck along with a breast rejuvenating procedure like a breast lift or breast augmentation.  These can be done at the same time so that you can recover all at once and get back to your life faster.  With newer techniques and technologies, many people are even choosing to have a more personal rejuvenation such as Labiaplasty and ThermiVA at the same time to complement the external makeover with an internal one.  These procedures are quick and easy and complement each other in getting you back to your younger self.

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What is the cost of a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck can vary in price based on the extent of the procedure.  We strive to  be transparent and straightforward so we like to inform everyone about the costs which will include the surgery fee, anesthesiology fee, and operating room cost.  Our fee includes all follow up visits, and all postoperative garments.  We take care of everything so you have less to worry about.  For specific costs please call and schedule a consultation so we can help you find what may be best for you.

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