Having a rhinoplasty, or nose job, performed is a pretty big deal, especially if you are a student trying to balance all the stress and work of school, jobs, internships, etc. The last thing you may be thinking about is spending some of your precious time addressing a nose shape that you are unhappy with. 

Surprisingly, though, many students do spend a fair amount of time thinking about how much they would prefer to have a more balanced facial appearance. Unfortunately, time is one of the rarest commodities when you are neck-deep in assignments.

What many students don’t realize is how great of an opportunity winter break (or even spring break!) can be if you are looking to have a nose job performed. To help fill that information gap, here are seven reasons why you should consider having that long-awaited rhinoplasty this break.

1. Plenty of Recovery Time

With the way that rhinoplasty surgery has progressed, it is entirely possible to have surgery performed and go through the recovery process within the standard winter break timeline of three weeks. Since you are typically between semesters or quarters during that time, you will not need to worry about spending any of your recovery time juggling assignments or making presentations. You can keep it simple and concern yourself only with recovering as quickly as possible and enjoying your new nasal appearance.

2. Cold Weather

Surgery comes with a lot of bandaging. If you were to have the surgery during warmer months, it is possible that the extra layers could become a burdensome factor to deal with. But in the cool of winter, having the bonus material around your face might even prove to be a welcome addition. Not to mention, the bulk of your recovery should be happening with you resting in bed or another cozy location, and those spots are much more enjoyable when you can wrap up in a blanket and pillow without becoming overheated.

3. No Responsibilities

We touched on this briefly already, but for many students, winter break is already a time of rest and relaxation, which is precisely what you want when you are going through your recovery process. Do your best to leave any responsibilities or obligations behind during this time — you will thank yourself later for having that time. Having no responsibilities also means less stress and a much more open schedule for surgery and follow-up visits. Instead of juggling a check-up between a full schedule of classes, you can leisurely come into your appointments as a rare opportunity to get out of your very comfy home.

4. Home for the Holidays

You might find that recovering from cosmetic surgery like rhinoplasty to be much less intensive than you would expect. Nevertheless, it is always lovely to be in a familiar place when you are going through the healing process. If you were staying in a dorm throughout the semester, you can look forward to being surrounded by loved ones when you make it home for the holidays. Plus, there will be plenty of people around you who are willing to help you with those smaller tasks during your recovery. We recommend having at least one person there, especially during the first few days, to help prevent you from overexerting yourself. Your recovery is highly dependent on your dedication to the process — having to constantly get up for small tasks can definitely place a burden on your body.

5. New Year, New You

If there was ever a time to present a fresh and new appearance, it is at the start of the new year. Something about resetting the timeline makes people feel good about change and hopeful for the future. It’s why so many people make resolutions or decide to start up on their wellness journey once more. There’s nothing wrong with joining in on the fresh start sentiment; embrace it and use it as an opportunity to enjoy the appearance that you have desired!

6. Headgear

Generally, the winter months in New Jersey are more of a “stay in” time. But if the occasion does arise that you need to find yourself out and about, you will have a much easier time hiding the bandaging or side effects from your surgery with a few well-placed accessories like an oversized scarf or a high-neck coat. You might not feel the need to hide any of the evidence of your procedure, or you might just heal too quickly to care, but if you did need to step out for whatever reason, you could rest easy knowing that the weather is on your side. You probably needed a pretty good excuse to bust out that new coat or head wraps anyway — so just go for it!

7. Healthy Foods = Winter Foods

This statement might go against everything we make fun of about the holidays since people generally think of junk food and overindulgence during this time, but the truth of the matter is that there are a lot of really healthy food options available during the winter months. Fresh soups and stews made with vitamin-packed vegetables are both low in calories and high in nutritional value. You are free to crank up the oven or stove as much as you want without worrying about warm outside weather. Plus, it is much harder to go out in Trenton or Freehold Township during harsher weather and eat unhealthy food. Your body is putting everything toward making sure that your surgery heals itself as effectively as possible, and you can give it a little boost if you decide to go for a well-balanced diet.

Visit New Reflections in Freehold This Winter

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