A Brazilian Butt Lift procedure can transform a woman’s look. If you feel unsatisfied with the size or shape of your buttocks, and exercise has not helped you improve this vital aspect of your physique, a BBL procedure can help. This innovative treatment essentially transfers fat from another area of your body to your buttocks, simultaneously producing greater tone in the donor area and greater volume in the recipient area. Since a BBL uses fat from your own body, women who have a BBL also face much lower risks than those who have other procedures.

As with any medical procedure, the better you understand your treatment and recovery process, the better able you will be to get the results you want. One of the most significant predictors of a successful cosmetic procedure is selecting the right doctor. Asking your doctor the following questions can make it easier to assess your doctor’s experience and skill level, increasing the likelihood of making the right choice of doctor and getting the highest quality results. Understanding your procedure can also help you have the right level of expectations and increase your satisfaction.

How many Brazilian Butt lifts have you performed?

One of the best ways to assess whether your board-certified plastic surgeon can deliver the results you expect is to understand how many times they have successfully performed the procedure. While this is true of any cosmetic procedure, this is especially true of BBL procedures which require skill and experience in two competencies — liposuction and fat transfer. Also, to have a successful BBL, your board-certified plastic surgeon must also have an artistic eye. It is not enough to add volume to the treatment area.

To get a good result, your doctor needs to understand the shape that will work best with your body type and your goals as well as how to achieve that look, since some fat will naturally not survive the transfer. To gauge this, ask your surgeon to show you before and after photos of past happy clients and to put you in touch with patients who have had similar needs to yours. This can be among the best and most direct ways to gauge if your board-certified plastic surgeon can offer the results you want.

What techniques do you use for the procedure?

Familiarizing yourself with the procedure, you will have and the specific benefits it can offer will help ensure you have reasonable expectations about your results. It will also help you select the right procedure to get the look you want. For example, to be a candidate for and have a successful BBL procedure, you must have enough fat in the donor area of your body to get the results you want in your concern area.

Also, it is helpful to understand that even in ideal circumstances, not all of the fat transferred to your buttocks will survive. This is a natural part of any BBL procedure; however, it means that more fat must be transferred during your procedure to leave enough remaining fat to get your desired results. Understanding that some fat will die and that swelling will go down over time will help alleviate some concerns patients might have about the amount of augmentation they’ve received, for example.

How long will my surgery take and how long is the recovery process?

To be completely satisfied with your procedure, you must be able to make reasonable accommodations in your life for not only the procedure itself but also for your recovery. While your BBL procedure will just take a couple of hours to perform, your recovery will take much longer.

For the two months of your recovery, for example, you must not sit on your treatment area, or you must sit on it in such a way as not to put too much pressure on the area. After eight weeks, you will be encouraged to begin light exercising, such as walking, to promote blood flow to the area. It will be necessary to make some accommodations in your daily routine to have the most successful BBL procedure possible.

For example, if you sit at work a lot, like many of us do, you will want to think about trying a standing desk for a while. You will also boost your results by fitting in times to walk throughout the day. The more you can prepare for both your surgery and your recovery, the better able you will be to maximize your results and feel happy with your procedure overall.

What should I do post-surgery to help?

After your treatment, much of the results and success of your BBL procedure rest with you, the patient. However, along with your doctor’s recommendations, guidance and support, you can do many things during your recovery to get the best results possible. Have a frank, open and detailed discussion with your doctor before you have your BBL to understand fully the ways you can maximize your results post-treatment and create a personalized plan for your recovery. Your doctor will have his specific recommendations based on the experiences of his patients, but you can also follow these general guidelines to increase the survival rate of your transferred fat.

The more fat that survives during recovery, the more successful your BBL procedure will be and the better results you will enjoy afterward. You can keep your transferred fat healthy in three, primary ways. First, don’t put pressure on your transferred fat for the first eight weeks. This means avoiding sitting or driving which can stress this area as well as avoiding sleeping on your back. Second, after the first eight weeks, exercise to ensure steady and healthy blood flow to your newly transferred fat. This will nourish your transferred fat. Third, maintain a stable weight. This means don’t exercise too much or try to lose weight aggressively as this can negatively impact your BBL treatment.

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