As you are settling in for the long stretch of wintery weather ahead, perhaps now is the time to schedule that plastic surgery procedure you have been thinking about. There are a number of factors that play into why winter may be the optimal time for plastic surgery. Dr. Patel and his staff at New Reflections Plastic Surgery have many reasons why this is the time to move forward with your procedure.

Covering Up

Plastic surgery of any kind will usually involve sutures, swelling and bruising while the surgical site heals. During the recovery process, you may also be required to wear compression dressings or garments to aid in optimal healing. The winter months are a time that you typically wear multiple layers of clothing, making it easier to hide the signs of surgery. This may be particularly true for body contouring procedures, since bulky sweaters and jeans can hide a host of surgery side effects. However, the benefits can also be seen with face and neck procedures, as scarves and hats can hide the signs of these procedures as well.

Time to Recover

It is often much easier to take time off work for a “staycation” during the winter season than it is during the summer months. Friends and family members probably won’t think much about you taking off a few days or even a couple of weeks to hibernate indoors. Some workplaces also slow down after the business of the holidays and yearend tasks, making it easier for you to take that vacation time you have been saving up.

Less Sun Exposure

Many types of plastic surgery require you to stay out of the sun for a period of time after your surgery. UV rays can affect your body’s ability to heal and can make residual scarring more visible. During the winter months, it is much easier to avoid sun exposure by remaining indoors and wearing clothing to cover up and protect surgical sites. In addition, there is much less sun to worry about during the shorter, frostier months of winter. This can allow for more effective healing and a better outcome from your surgery overall.

Healing Time

Any surgery requires a recovery period and plastic surgery is no exception. In fact, many patients find they look worse before they look better after their procedures, due to the swelling and bruising that is common after any type of surgery. By scheduling your procedure now, you will give your body ample time to heal properly before the skin-baring days of summer roll around again. Once those warmer temperatures hit, you will be ready to flaunt your new and improved face or body to the world.

Start the Year Right

January is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings, the perfect time to move forward with that cosmetic enhancement you have been putting off. Make 2017 your year by starting it with a plastic surgery that will restore your youth and boost your confidence. Many people find they are in the right frame of mind to move forward with surgery and adhere to the recovery process just after the New Year begins.

There are many good surgeries to consider during the winter, including a face and neck lift, body contouring and breast enhancement. To learn more about any of these procedures, contact New Reflections Plastic Surgery today at 732-354-3792.