Restoring Female Well-Being, Satisfaction and Happiness

There has been a lot of recent media buzz about ThermiVa – and, rightfully so. Impact of multiple births, menopause and time can cause physical changes and rob women of their feminine wellness.

ThermiVA can not only “reclaim, restore and revive”, but it can also provide benefits in other situations.

In the following “Good Morning America” video, Dr. Jennifer Ashton describes quality of life issues, treating the whole woman and helping women suffering from painful intercourse if they experience a chemotherapy-induced menopause:

In the following “The Doctors” video, ThermiVa is described as a Labiaplasty alternative for achieving tighter and more toned feminine private parts:

If you are interested in feminine rejuvenation, consult with Dr. Nikesh Patel from New Reflections Plastic Surgery to determine the best female well-being option for you.  

If you think surgery is a better option for you, please check out our Labiaplasty page.