Dermal Heating for a Smoother Face

Do you have problem areas around the forehead, eyes, mouth, cheeks and neck that make you look old?   Are you looking to address them in a non-invasive manner?

ThermiSmooth is a procedure designed to gently smooth fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.  A hand-held device delivers radiofrequency energy to the surface of the skin.  The heating of the cells stimulates the body’s own collagen production.


ThermiSmooth New Jersey


Here is what one patient in another part of the country had to say about her experience with ThermiSmooth:

“I just recently had my second ThermiSmooth treatment done around my eyes. The results have been remarkable and immediate. I could tell a difference after the 1st treatment, but after the second treatment is when I saw more drastic results. Years were shaved off of my eyes. The skin is so smooth and I’ve noticed that even my makeup looks better after application, no creases in my concealer. I look more awake, vibrant, and all around younger.”


In the following “Extra TV” video, reporter Tracey Edmonds gets a first-hand view of how the creases and wrinkles are smoothed away with ThermiSmooth:

If you are interested in addressing those facial lines, wrinkles and creases, consult with Dr. Nikesh Patel from New Reflections Plastic Surgery to determine the best option for you.

Non-invsasive procedures like ThermiSmooth are great for getting results with no downtime.  Sometimes you may need more than just non invasive procedures.  If you think surgery will do more for you then you can explore our Facelift, or Eyelid lift pages.