Whether your summers are spent by the shore or your best friend’s pool, you want to look your best while you are lounging away those hot afternoons. This means unwanted hair has got to go, either by shaving it regularly, waxing or applying depilatories. If none of these methods are terribly appealing to you this season, there is another option. Laser hair removal long-term hair reduction, so you can enjoy a smoother, sexier summer all season long. Dr. Nikesh Patel at New Reflections Plastic Surgery has four good reasons to consider laser hair removal at our office.

Quick and Convenient

Laser hair removal can be performed fairly quickly, often taking just a few minutes to complete if the treatment area is relatively small. No anesthesia is needed for the procedure, reducing treatment time and your risk factors. The process is very tolerable, and the only sensation you will experience occurs as the laser energy is delivered to the follicle. However, some patients do request topical numbing cream before laser therapy for sensitive areas to ensure comfort during the procedure.

Compare a brief session in our office to the many hours you likely spend shaving or waxing each summer, and you will see the difference in convenience for these different procedures. While laser hair removal does involve multiple treatment sessions, there is no mess, and you will be able to go weeks in between your procedures.

Versatile Treatment

Laser hair removal eliminates unwanted hair from nearly any are of the face or body, including:

  • Legs
  • Bikini line
  • Arms and armpits
  • Back and chest
  • Neck and face

The laser heat targets the melanin (color) in the hair follicle. For this reason, it tends to work best on patients with lighter skin tones and darker hair colors. However, the wavelengths can be adjusted to accommodate a wider range of patients today, making the procedure much more versatile than it used to be.

Avoid Painful Side Effects

Some patients shy away from laser hair removal because they worry that the procedure might be painful. While you may experience slight discomfort during the treatment, it is much less than what you endure during hair removal methods like waxing or electrolysis. Even shaving can become an uncomfortable process when it results in skin irritation or ingrown hairs.

Side effects after laser hair removal are usually mild and short-lived. You may experience some skin redness and tenderness after your procedure, which should subside with a couple of days. Skin needs to be carefully protected from the sun for many days after treatment since UV rays can cause more severe complications.

Enjoy Permanent Reduction

During a laser hair removal treatment, laser heat damages the hair follicle, leading to the shedding of current hair and making it difficult for future hair to grow in the same location. This makes laser therapy a permanent method of hair reduction, decreasing hair in the treatment are by 80-90 percent in most cases. Hair that grows in after treatment is often finer and lighter than the original hair, making it less noticeable as well.

Laser therapy offers numerous benefits over other methods of eliminating unwanted hair today. In most cases, patients will require a series of treatments to achieve full results and then an occasional touch-up session to maintain them. To learn more about this treatment, contact Dr. Nikesh Patel at New Reflections Plastic Surgery today at 732-354-3792.