New Jersey Mommy Makeover – Lets focus on Breast Procedures

Mommy Makeovers are a great way to bring back that pre-Mommy body especially when it comes to your breasts.  Most commonly you would include a Breast lift but sometimes you may consider a breast augmentation or even a breast reduction.

Earlier this month, Dr. Nikesh Patel posted about one of the key procedures he considers when evaluating a patient for a Mommy Makeover:   Tummy Tuck.

In segment 2 of “New Jersey Mommy Makeover”, we address another important consideration:  Breast Procedures.

What is a mommy makeover like in New Jersey? Breast procedure focus

The deflation, stretchmarks, and changes in size are all post pregnancy problems that are addressed in a mommy makeover.  A Lift may remove the droopiness, and lots of stretch marks.  A Breast augmentation can replace lost volume.  A Breast reduction can remove the extra tissue that grew and just never went away.  We have to figure out what your main problem is and which procedure will achieve your goals.  Getting good advice on what’s best is the first step to success.




Best Techniques for Mommy Makeovers – Breast procedure focus

Technique is extremely important when it comes to any surgery and breast surgery is no different.  There are older techniques that work but more modern techniques that New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Dr. Patel uses produce perkier, natural and lasting results.  Newer methods used in these surgeries reduce the number extent of incisions, focus on internal structure, and help reduce recovery time.  Basically, attention to detail matters in surgery and has a tremendous impact on results and recovery.

How to get the best Results for Mommy Makeovers

Results need to be amazing.  You can only enhance your chances for great results with someone who is passionate and detail oriented.   The modern techniques that I use help eliminate unnecessary extra scars on the outside and also resist ageing from the inside.  I not only focus on minimizing scars everywhere but I even focus on making sure they stay thin, symmetric, and low enough to hide in your normal underwear.  These techniques show up in my results and can give you a more natural look that can be ready to show off in just a few weeks.

Ways to improve Recovery in Mommy Makeovers

In New Jersey and across the country people often ignore their recovery process because they are focused on their results.  I think we can achieve greatness in both.  I’ve methodically created a rapid recovery program for this and most procedures that reduces your recovery to a minimum, speeding up your ability to see results and get back to normal.

Dr. Patel tips and what to watch out for

  • Results are critical. So make sure you see what you may be getting with before and after photos
  • Passion and attention to detail matter and often show up in how great your results are – be critical of scars and longevity of results.
  • Don’t forget to look at your recovery process – it can help change your experience from ok to great.

Dr. Nikesh Patel is a board certified Plastic Surgeon who offers Concierge style service for Mommy Makeovers, Tummy Tucks, and Breast Lifts in Freehold, New Jersey and Surrounding towns and Counties.