You have been looking forward to your breast augmentation surgery for quite some time, and you have given your decision lots of thought. You have spent lots of time carefully selecting your doctor, weighing all your options and probably even planning what you’ll wear to show off your new look. However, have you given as much time, thought and preparation for your recovery?

The recovery process plays a huge part in determining the success of your surgery, and the quality of your recovery remains largely up to you. You want your recovery to go smoothly so you can heal quickly, without complications, and begin enjoying your new look right away. To meet this goal, follow these easy and common-sense tips to having the best possible recovery and most successful surgery.

Have a Plan

Probably the best advice you’ll get you’ve already heard — have a plan. Plan for what you know you’ll need based on your board certified plastic surgeon’s advice, and plan for the unexpected.

Your doctor will provide you with ample information about what kind of help you will need and for how long as well as lists of supplies you will need to have on-hand. Make sure you follow these instructions closely.
Ensure that you have someone close stay with you the first 24 or 48 hours and have a back-up person in case their plans change. If you have small children, make sure someone can take care of all their needs those first two days.

Also, keep your house fully stocked with easy-to-prepare foods, fresh clothes and wound dressings, plenty of pillows and entertainment and, of course, your pain medications. This will make it easier for your helpers and more enjoyable for you.

Unexpected things happen, and everyone reacts differently to surgery. Have your emergency contact numbers both on your cell phone and written down since cell phone batteries die. Include your doctor, hospital, and close family and friends depending on what you need.

Slow Down

Naturally, you will want to get back to your busy life and flaunt your new look. You miss your friends, and your kids miss their mom — although it’s only been a couple of days! Don’t rush back into things, however. In the early days of your recovery, you can easily strain your sutures directly by lifting too much or indirectly by raising your blood pressure.

Also, your body will still need a couple of days to recover fully from your anesthesia. Trying to accomplish too much too soon may result in light-headedness or faintness which can have dangerous consequences. Further, while your body always needs adequate amounts of rest, it will need even more than usual to recover from your surgery, so get as much rest as you can.

Don’t Skip Your Check-ups

You have done all that your doctor has asked throughout your recovery. You don’t need to go back in for all those follow-up appointments, right? Even if you have followed your doctor’s advice and feel just fine, do not skip your check-ups.

Your board certified plastic surgeon has likely performed thousands of breast augmentation procedures. You will not have a better gauge of your recovery than your doctor’s experienced and trained eye, and — even if you feel fine — you will have no better peace of mind than your doctor’s approval.

Further, if you do experience any issues — especially ones that may have escaped your notice — you will want to address those concerns immediately. Problems occur rarely, but even small problems, if untreated, can lead to bigger problems that may affect your results.

A Healthy Recovery Matters as Much as a Healthy Surgery

A breast augmentation surgery can give you years of satisfaction. By comparison, the amount of time you will have spent planning, preparing and recovering will seem very small. Yet the time just before and after your surgery can have a critical impact on the results you will enjoy.

Fortunately, you can have a successful recovery without undue headache or stress and easily avoid complications which can harm your results and your health. Approaching your recovery as carefully and as thoughtfully as you did your other big choices will have a huge reward. Plan well, let your body heal naturally and relax. In a few short weeks, you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful new you.

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