With wedding season drawing near, brides are starting to get into the thick of their preparations. If you are one of the brides getting ready for your big day, New Reflections Plastic Surgery has a few tips to help you look and feel your best for the celebration. With a variety of treatments to address all of your cosmetic concerns, you can rest assured you will walk down the aisle with self-confidence befitting a bride. Check out these options and make sure you schedule in advance, so your results are full evident before your wedding date rolls around.

Sculpt Your Curves with SculpSure

Get the perfect form for your gown with our non-surgical body contouring procedure SculpSure. This revolutionary procedure uses laser energy to target unwanted fat cells and destroy them. The treated cells are eliminated by the natural processes over time as you see your curves become leaner and smoother. A single half-hour session typically yields full results, which are usually seen within about 12 weeks. If you want this treatment, make sure to plan far enough ahead that those results will materialize before your wedding dress is ready for its big reveal.

Say Goodbye to Sun Damage with a Photofacial

The sun can do a number on your skin, producing fine lines, brown spots and visible vessels on the face. A photofacial reverses this sun damage, helping you to achieve a smoother, clearer complexion. The procedure involves wavelengths of light that work in the various layers of the dermis to treat the melanin that causes pigmentation or the blood in those spider veins and vascular lesions. While some patients will see full results within a few weeks after their first treatment, others might require more than one treatment session to completely achieve their cosmetic goals.

Get Your Glow on with a Laser Peel

In addition to providing a full skin rejuvenation, laser peels reduce the appearance of fine lines, shallow scarring and uneven pigmentation. There are a variety of peels to choose from, with light treatments providing more subtle results and deeper procedures offering a more dramatic enhancement. Deep peels do require some downtime afterward, so schedule your treatment far enough in advance, so you are not dealing with flaking and peeling for your wedding photos.

Refresh and Rejuvenate with Fractional Laser

Deeper results can also be achieved with a profractional laser treatment. This procedure works by creating micro-injuries in the skin that trigger the body’s healing response without damaging surrounding skin and tissue. Profractional laser treatments turn back the clock on the skin, with less discomfort and downtime than more ablative procedures. Because this procedure works with the body’s natural processes, it is important to schedule a few months in advance to ensure you see the full results in time for your wedding day.

Smooth and Firm with Thermi Treatments

Skin laxity and wrinkles can be reversed with our family of Thermi treatments. ThermiTight is specifically designed to tighten skin and can be used from the neck all the way down to the knees. ThermiSmooth is geared toward reducing wrinkles and cellulite and is appropriate for all areas of the face and body. Most patients will need a series of these treatments to achieve full results, which can then last for many months or even years.

If your big day is coming, now is the time to get ready for the event with cosmetic treatments tailored just for you. To find out how we can help you achieve your wedding goals, contact New Reflections Plastic Surgery at 732-354-3792.