Acne has many causes. Since acne has many sources, you have lots of ways to combat this condition and get the fresh, youthful and healthy-looking skin you expect and deserve. Restoring and maintaining optimal skin health doesn’t have to be difficult, complicated or excessively time-consuming. In addition to minimizing sun exposure and avoiding tobacco use, following these four steps can help you turn around problem skin quickly and inexpensively.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Eating right benefits all aspects of our health and can lead to visibly better skin in just a few weeks. Proper hydration as you might expect will help prevent dry and flaky skin. Well-hydrated skin also minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and increases your skin’s resiliency, making wrinkles less likely to form in the first place. Foods such as salmon, mackerel, tofu, avocados and walnuts — foods high in Omega-3 fats — help reduce sebum production, in addition to having anti-inflammatory properties. Consumption of good fats decreases the likelihood of break-outs and can help the skin maintain a healthy appearance.

Bad fats, however, don’t actually lead to increased acne, the Mayo clinic reports. You should still consume less saturated fats and fried foods for your overall health. High-glycemic index carbohydrates such as sugary or high-starch foods can also negatively impact your skin. These foods increase the body’s production of testosterone, increasing your body’s sebum levels and chances of a break-out.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise increases blood flow to the skin and has a twofold effect. Blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin and helps it flush out toxins. Staying active can also promote a healthy microbiome — the healthy bacteria in our bodies. Studies have shown that a healthy microbiome strongly correlates with healthier-looking skin. High stress levels also contribute to poor skin quality. You can reduce stress through regular physical activity such as running or jogging, hiking, yoga or even dancing. Staying active as well as getting adequate, high-quality sleep can make you feel better and look better too. Sleep increases blood flow to your skin, reduces skin inflammation, helps skin rehydrate and increases the skin’s ability to repair itself.

Keep Your Skin Clean

Since bacteria along with clogged pores strongly contribute to the development of acne, keeping your skin clean remains one of the best approaches to guarantee a clear complexion. Wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser to wash away dirt and debris and use only your hands to minimize skin irritation. Exfoliate two to three times per week using a gentle product to slough off dead skin cells that clog pores. Also, avoid touching your face often or you will introduce excess bacteria to pores. Regularly clean your cell phone, landline receiver and anything that frequently touches your face. Make sure you remove make-up and other cosmetic products thoroughly before bed and change your pillowcase frequently, especially if you move around a lot while you sleep.

Treat Your Skin With Care

Your skin deserves gentle treatment every day. If treated right, your skin will reward you by looking its best. You can spoil your skin in many ways you might not even realize. Avoid hot or overly long showers as they dry skin out, contributing to clogged pores. When washing your face, use your hands not a towel or loofah as they will be gentler on your skin. Dry your face with a clean towel — only using this on your face — and pat your skin dry. Patting dry spreads less bacteria than rubbing and keeps pores open. Also, shave with care. Lubricate your skin before shaving and shave in the direction of your hairs, not against them to prevent unsightly and uncomfortable ingrown hairs. Moisturize after shaving to prevent dry skin and minimize irritation.

Clear skin, a goal within reach

Men and women alike want younger and healthier looking skin. With today’s busier and more demanding lifestyles, many of us can’t afford the time or expense associated with more comprehensive and invasive procedures. Fortunately, we can resolve many common and troublesome skin conditions with remedies at our fingertips. By making healthier choices at the lunch-counter and staying active, taking a few extra minutes in the morning and evening for skin care routines and using a gentler touch on the skin, we may have all the tools we need to look our best.

However, if you remain unsatisfied with the quality and look of your skin, call New Reflections Plastic Surgery at 732-354-3792. Dr. Nikesh K. Patel M.D. will listen to your concerns, help you establish achievable goals and give you a full view of all your options in medical procedures that will take your skin care to the next level. Let New Reflections Plastic Surgery help you present your best face to the world at all stages of life.